This is the Medulin beach the locals love the most. It is characterised by rocky coast, ideal for sunbathing, and the crystal clear sea with gravelly seabed, ideal for various games in the shallow waters attracting both children and grown ups.


The most famous beach in Medulin is certainly Bijeca located in the very town of Medulin. The sandy beach spreads more than 1 km along the coast and has a mild and gradual sea entrance. All this together with a variety of additional facilities makes Bijeca beach the ideal place to spend the entire day, offering a peaceful and relaxing surrounding, but also great fun for the whole family


Modernly arranged Belvedere beach stretches over 1,050 square meters. It is equipped with showers, stairs for getting into water, free "Wi-Fi" Internet access and a beach lifeguard. The beach is ideal for people looking for relaxation and has 200 comfortable sunbeds and 30 or so double sunbeds for two persons, each equipped with an umbrella. The surrounding area along the beach has also been arranged, and lighting was set up along the promenade in the entire length of the beach.

Alba Chiara

The pebbly Alba Chiara beach is located next to two other popular Medulin beaches: Bijeca and Belvedere. The beach is well-tended and features sun lounger, beach canoe, pedal boat, jet-ski and bicycle rental. If you need refreshment, you can dip into the water or buy refreshing drinks and ice cream.
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